Cosmetics are part of our lives, wether in the most common items, like a toothpaste or a shower gel, or the most sofisticated ones, like a beauty treatment or an anti-wrinkle serum. The thing is, our body is exposed to cosmetics several times a day. And that is why it is important to be aware of what kind of substances we are exposed to daily.

Unfortunately, the cosmetics industry uses very harmful and toxic substances, which seriously damage our health. Substances like Parabens (that act like oestrogens), aluminum (directly linked to Alzheimer’s or breast cancer) or petroleum derivatives (linked to cancer), among others. That is why natural cosmetics are the best choice.

The problem is that there is no norm or law that specifies which cosmetic products can be considered natural and which are the criteria to take into account. The European Regulation governing organic farming only refers to food products and leaves out any process which, although using raw materials from agriculture or livestock, does not aim at food production. Therefore, any manufacturer can advertise their cosmetics as natural without any type of control.

We can find many cosmetics qualified as natural on the European market, but they frequently contain ingredients that are not natural. In the absence of legislation, the cosmetics manufacturers are subject to the criteria of private certification companies, which guarantee the natural or ecological character of cosmetics. Each certifying body has its own requirements for cosmetic products. All these private companies leave a margin percentage of non-natural substances that varies between 5 and 20%, which means that natural cosmetics continue to contain harmful substances like preservatives, among others.

Because all of this, when I discovered RINGANA, I felt the need to share it. RINGANA is 100%

RINGANA Cosmetics

Refreshingly different.

Absolute freshness, specialized knowledge, and a good measure of heart.

RINGANA stands for fresh naturalness and bundled effectiveness. It is nature itself that provides all of the ingredients for the RINGANA fresh cosmetics. Formulas with a scientific standard will not taint them. The correct extraction, processing and combination of active agents are needed to bring out their best benefits. A unique benefit for the skin is what lies behind the secret of freshness: Due to the length of time they spend in distribution channels, typical industrial cosmetics need a lot of chemical preservatives. Natural, perishable raw materials can be used only in limited amounts, if at all. RINGANA fresh cosmetics break through these barriers! The long commercial storage and distribution process requires industrial cosmetics to have a shelf life of 30 months, which demands a high use of chemicals. You can imagine that 100 ml of industrial cosmetics have to make quite a lot of room for preservatives. Not only are these chemicals not appreciated by the skin, they also deprive the valuable skin care ingredients of precious space.

RINGANA benefits the skin by saying no

RINGANA fresh cosmetics are taking a different, groundbreaking path. Made fresh in short intervals and shipped directly to the consumer, they are rich in natural essences, free of problematic chemicals and therefore natural products at the same time.

Perfect care from head to toe

RINGANA has simply thought of everything, whether it's face care with a sophisticated concept or just pampering the feet. Each square millimeter of skin receives what it needs.

Clever personal care

One example of RINGANA's comprehensive work is face care. To provide optimal nourishment for the skin, the face care is divided into four steps with their own products, coordinated to the individual skin types. First comes cleansing, to remove deposits and make-up from the skin. Then the toning - the freshness kick for the pores, invigorating and cleansing the skin pore-deep.

This is followed by intensive care, which repairs and nourishes the underlying skin cells. And finally, the cream concentrates. These optimally protect the skin against environmental influences. This is our well-coordinated face care.

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