With RINGANA the customer obtains: fresh cosmetics without preservatives and fresh food supplements based in modern, scientific formulas, combined with the Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional European medicine philosophies. RINGANA goes for natural products, which do not contain any colorings, are unsweetened and without any modified original flavours. They have the colours and flavours of their raw materials, just as nature intended.



Cosmetics are part of our lives, wether in the most common items, like a toothpaste or a shower gel, or the most sofisticated ones, like a beauty treatment or an anti-wrinkle serum. The thing is, our body is exposed to cosmetics several times a day. And that is why it is important to be aware of what kind of substances we are exposed to daily.



Unfortunately, the cosmetics industry uses very harmful and toxic substances, which seriously damage our health. Substances like Parabens (that act like oestrogens), aluminum (directly linked to Alzheimer’s or breast cancer) or petroleum derivatives (linked to cancer), among others. That is why natural cosmetics are the best choice.


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